At the micro:bit Educational Foundation we care about our reseller network and we want your experience as a micro:bit reseller to be a positive and rewarding one.  We will support this through periodic comms highlighting news and opportunities that should be of interest / benefit to you.  We also welcome your input and feedback - details on how will be included in our periodic communications.

If you are interested in receiving direct communications from our reseller support team please sign up using the form below (we are using Mail Chimp).

You are under no obligation to sign up, but please note that the Foundation is planning to revamp the way that resellers are listed, and this channel will be used to communicate those changes and to call out for any additional information that we might need from you.

Thank you
Rachel Lancaster
micro:bit Reseller Program

By signing up you agree to being contacted by the Foundation.  You will be able to opt-out at any time.
The Foundation may share some of your details with partners who may contact you.  We will never ask for private info and will never share your data with organisations outside of the micro:bit partnership.

Note that:
a 'reseller' is any organisation that sells micro:bits directly to the public (either online or in a physical shop).
At present we are only able to add resellers in Europe.  We encourage resellers from outside of Europe to sign up now and we will inform you when the situation changes

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The name of your company, as you would want it to appear on our reseller page
Add a link to your website - if you have a micro:bit landing page please provide this
A brief description of the micro:bit service you offer. This description will be used on your listing on the resellers page
The country in which you are based - head office / country of registration for multinationals
Provide a brief description of where you do, and do not, sell micro:bit products to
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